Labrador tea is the younger cousin of Sweetgale and Bearberry. She is very different in character as indicated by Her
It is an ongoing inspiration here at the Sacred Gardener  to find new ways to bring more of the vitality and
Sweetgale is the wise old grandmother. She’s one of the weavers who made this land. Her roots hold the land
The bite of a young winter seems to have finally taken hold of the land, after a March-like holiday season.
The frosts came heavy and quick this year. Gardeners are among the first to admit there is mercy in a
|By Steven Martyn| This time of year, as September's shadow lengthens, I always feel a bittersweet edge in my heart.
  |By Steven Martyn| Every year at the summers peak Megan and I do a round of collecting medicinal and culinary herbs
|By Steven Martyn| The first time I remember using my intuition to heal with herbs was thirty-three years ago when
|By Steven Martyn| A couple years ago a friend, Diana Macauley and myself both had a strong impulse to bring
|By Steven Martyn| It's early March and coming into the cane harvesting season. Megan and I have been prayerfully coppicing
| By Steven Martyn | An ancient adage says that “winter is the time for dreaming” and every year I