The Sacred Gardener sunflower
| By Steven Martyn | It’s happened a few times that folks have thought that I am the Sacred Gardener.
The Sacred Gardener Cattail Raita
| By Megan Spencer | Cattails are often referred to as the "supermarket of the wilds." This plant is incredible!
|By Steven Martyn| I suppose I should be writing about Imbolc, but it scares me to be writing about the
|By Steven Martyn| This time of year when winter's first bite sinks in, many of us change our diet dramatically.
|By Steven Martyn| We’ve just finished the cob floor in the roundhouse, and I rediscovered my love of this most
|By Steven Martyn| I’ve been wildcrafting herbs for thirty-five years, and I still learn (or re-learn) many things every year.
|By Steven Martyn| Before I plant, I sit for a while to listen and talk to Her, the seeds and
|By Steven Martyn| Spring is miraculously birthed from the Earth. From the smallest shoots can come gargantuan roots. Some of the parsnips
|By Steven Martyn| April is a most bounteous time. The snow has finally receded, and the ground is thawing. The
|By Steven Martyn| These days everything seems to take me a long time to manifest. Kids, making a living, maintaining
|By Steven Martyn| The night before last, I felt a little sick when I went to bed. That night I
She’s just starting to awaken outside. Where we live in the upper Ottawa Valley, the winter was late in coming