I’ve been reading Martin Shaw’s “Scatterlings” this winter. The message is a wise old one, that “what we’re searching far
By far the quickest growing, and easiest going nut trees are Hazels. In my area we have the wild Beaked
Don’t underestimate the power of the seed. They are very, very small but without them life as we know it
In my work as a healer, and within myself, I can clearly see illness is attached to our fears and
This spring, after having ‘lost hope’ in many ways over the last year, I have been cautiously basking in the
I was harvesting Nettle all morning and many hours later my hands are still vibrating, numb and tingling like stars
There were portents before it happened. Nothing just happens. As for how I know they’re omens? I’ve said before by
It has been said or imagined that for our ancestors, all of life was ceremonial. While that may be true
By Steven I’ve just been out for the day picking Usnea or Old Man's Beard with the kids. It's a
I think it's so interesting that with each age we view the previous time period as being more innocent. We
Silviculture (growing 'tree gardens'). When we live in the bush or on a farm, cutting trees is a reality we
This time of year, when all my garden friends and wild herbs have called it for the season, I spend