Receiving Spring’s Feast – Wild Food Workshop

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 Receiving Spring’s Feast – Wild Food Workshop  May 11-15, 2016

Instructor: Steven Martyn
wild edible2016Learn how to identify, ethically gather and deliciously prepare the wild offerings of this season. A hands-on learning experience.

This five day Wild Food session is set just at the time of year when the Earth is the most abundant and giving. Come and immerse yourself in the fields and Forest of the Earth’s green spring dream. During this Wild Food workshop, you will learn to identify, prepare and preserve the first growth and roots that have over-wintered and are brimming with life.

 At this time of year the Earth offers us an abundance of food and medicine to cleanse and rebuild our bodies after the long winter. The teachings in this course are geared towards this time directly after the long winter when we need plants that are cleansing and revitalizing. These plants mostly consist of sweet roots and early greens, perfect to detoxify and build our strength. As the early greens develop they will have more flavour, nutrients and gentle medicine.
The Earth gi
ves us what we need, when we need it.
Many people have heard this adage, but few deeply understand it and are steeped enough in traditional Earth wisdom to know how to receive the gifts of the season. Some folks might know what fiddleheads to eat or how to identify wild leeks, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Last year in the spring course, We were told by someone documenting the teachings that we looked at over one hundred different plants. All of which require not only clear identification (often at times when plants are difficult to identify—early or late in the season) but the knowledge as to when and how (physically and ethically) to harvest them. To safely consume and use these powerful plants safely we must also have the knowledge of how to prepare, process and store them.

dandelion harvest

IMG_2340After thirty five years of working with our wild plant friends, and twenty-five years teaching about them, Steven continues to learn. “Every year and every place is different. Learning about these mysterious and wonderful beings is a life long journey; the more you know the more you are capable of understanding”.

You will leave this course with not only a more secure knowledge of survival and of how to supplement your diet with tasty powerful wild plants, but with a new view of the Earth and Her bounteous and nurturing spirit.



We’ll make picked spruce tips together for you to take home!
Workshop fee includes taxes, camping spot and 12 organically grown and wild-infused meals.