THE ROUNDHOUSE: Following the Patterns of Divinity in Our Bones and Ancestral Traditions

In this short film by Steve Turliuk made at the Natural Building workshop in 2020 , Steven Martyn (of The Sacred Gardener) speaks about the pillars of culture and civilization; Agriculture, Architecture (building), Weaving and Pottery. Specifically, he speaks about making Cob and the process and design of ‘The Roundhouse’. This roundhouse, like a ‘Hobbit house’, is nestled into a hill with a big wooden door. Unlike a Hobbit house, and more like an ‘Earthship,’ the front of the building is completely glazed for solar gain. The Roundhouse was made using ancient designs and building techniques in the summer of 2009 by Steven and many others.
Order your copy of Steven’s new book: THE ROUNDHOUSE: a meditation and guide to building a handmade house from local materials