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Sacred Gardener School

Sacred Gardener School

When people ask me what I learned at The Sacred Gardener school, I have trouble finding the words to share.
Yes, I learned real tangible things. I learned new plants, I learned medicine making, I learned about growing, cultivating, processing and cooking with wild and domesticated plants. I touched, tasted and experienced in an embodied way.
But that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.
It wasn’t so much learning, but remembering. And what I remembered was so ancient, so personal yet universal at the same time.
I came home to myself. To the Earth. And to the unseen. My eyes were opened and I saw things, as if for the first time. And that seeing is with me now always.
What Steven and Megan helped me remember in my time at the school has changed me forever. And I am forever grateful.
If you feel the call, I invite you to sign up for this year’s school ~Julia

  • The Philosophy of Sacred Gardener School

    Sacred Gardener School is for those inspired to move into a deeper level of being; to live in a connected, sustainable and soulfully present way with the Earth. The school will foster your growth over time, enabling you to embody the living skills and ceremony needed to engage the larger spirit and ecology of the Earth, so She may bless and redirect our collective and personal path.

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This course consists of 4, 5 days sessions over two years. Each session happens during a distinct part of the growing and foraging season (Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer and Fall), so we can teach rituals and homesteading activities that accompany that time of year. These sessions are broken up over the two years in part so that folks who are working can get the time-off. And perhaps more importantly so the students have time to digest, integrate and start to apply the deeper experience and teachings that come to them during the first year sessions. And time to come back with questions and a broader understanding that can only come from trying to apply the teachings over time.

  • First Session: BACK TO THE GARDEN

    Spring: May 15-19, 2024

    Our first week we come together in the burgeoning spring. This when the first green flush comes out on the land, when the Earth provides us with a bounty of nurturing and cleansing plants. Which is exactly what our body needs at this time of year.

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    Mid summer: August 21-25, 2024

    While it seems like summer is still at its peak, at this time of year the land begins to show the first signs of fall and decay, reminding us that the time of fruit and bounty will not only end but is paid for by the dark goddess of decay and disease.


    Early Summer: July 9-13, 2025

    During this week at the flowering peak of summer we focus on the healing plants. At this time many herbs arial parts are at their peak potency so there will be lots of herb harvesting for medicine and medicine making.

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    Early Fall: September 17-21, 2025

    This is the time of year when our vegetive relations who we have been feeding with our love (and our compost) for months, whose seeds I have carried for decades, turn their love back toward us, burgeoning with fruits to sustain us through the long cold months to come.

  • Is the Sacred Gardener School for you? What’s Included, the Cost and FAQ

    What’s Included, the Cost and FAQ

    Many pieces must be in place for these teachings to unfold within us. To move into this deeper sacred space and then to be able to carry the knowledge in our life, takes years of personal work, a supportive community and guidance from elders who have gone through the transformation. The continuance of the Sacred Gardener School will afford our soul these gifts.

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Woven amongst practical lessons about gardening, supporting the soil microbiome, and the medicine of wild native plants, we were bathed in crucial and life altering teachings about our relationship to the Earth, each other, and ourselves. This was not just a workshop but a healing journey to reclaim my capacities to praise the beauty of life, honor the various griefs that come with having a heart that loves what must one day die, and discover what it means to walk with gentleness, power, and love. – Michael

When I first arrived to the Sacred Gardener School, we were asked, Why did you come here? My answer was simple: I just felt I had to. I didn’t really have any other words or expectations. Just a sense that something I had been looking for lied in the journey ahead.

And so it was.

With Steven as guide, the group as a container, agriculture in our hands, we journeyed through our cultural mythologies back to the sacred origins of our beautiful place on this earth. Back into the felt truth that we are embedded in the fabric of life itself, deeply inter connected. From the buzz and hustle a Bay Area working mom life, I now know the difference between hovering above life and dropping into the River of life itself. In a sense, I think It’s what we are all looking for – relief, a feeling of being home in oneself, at home in our relationships.

This final session as we drove up to the land, I felt the land out stretching its arms towards me. When we pulled up and I stepped out of the car, I was embraced by this place, welcomed, seen. I realize it has always been this way, I just wasn’t able to experience this until now. Amanda