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Nourish your skin with our luxury handmade skin care. Infused with hand harvested plants, small batch crafted with love.

Wildcrafted Teas and Herbs

Harvested at their aromatic peak by hand on the land here, blended with love.

Herbal Salts and Vinegars 

Handmade with herbs grown and wild harvested here on our farm, these salts and vinegars will elevate your simpliest dishes.

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Books by Steven Martyn

The Story of the Madawaska Forest Garden: Co-creating Integrated Polyculture, by Steven Martyn.
Available in ebook digital format and softcover.
Martyn’s book is an inspiring and informative treatise on co-creating integrated polyculture.

The Story of the Madawaska Forest Garden book informs us that it is not only possible to work with the Earth in a way that feeds life and culture, but that this ‘way’ is our ancestral birthright. This book sheds a new light on the co-creative origins of agriculture and civilization. Steven Martyn shows us down in the dirt, what our obligation is to our partners, the plants and Wild Earth.

Readers will find the story of the Madawaska land, the history of land-use, as well as the steps taken in making a “Native” garden. There is an abundance of growing techniques plus life lessons are revealed as Martyn works with the land. Unlike even the most radical forms of organic agriculture, such as permaculture, this un-permanent form of traditional Native gardening does not claim exclusive domain over the growing territory. But rather it works in a synergistic way with those already present on the land, with the surrounding ecology — and with the land’s natural successions of healing growth over time.


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