Skin Care Box
Skin Care Box

Skin Care Box

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Enjoy our three popular skin care products!

4oz Kiss of the Sun skin cream: Apricot Seed Oil infused with Plantain, Calendula flowers and Marshmallow leaf, Well water, Sea buckthorn oil, rosehip essential oil, Vitamin E and beeswax.
2oz Cleansing Grains: Local Honey blended with Kaolin Clay, ground rose petals and lavender flowers, ground rolled oats and poppy seeds from our gardens.
50ml Wild Blossom Toner: Witch Hazel distillate infused with astringent and emollient herbs from our gardens and fields:  lemon balm, chamomile, roses, calendula, comfrey leaf, lavender, sweetfern, red clover, mallow flowers, lemon peel (from our greenhouse lemons), rosemary, sage

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Weight0.834 kg
Dimensions16 × 16 × 16 cm

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