Bioregional Incense Making ~ November 20, 2022


Megan will take you through the steps of making your own incense, creating with local plants and resins, no extra added ingredients.
You’ll leave with a minimum of 10 cones.

1-4pm at the Sacred Gardener Farm – 10 participants maximum

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Come spend the afternoon learning to make your own bioregional incense!

Why make your own?

We love incense. Over the years we noticed that we often would get headaches or feel sick after burning incense we bought. We started to wonder if we could make our own. The journey began 15 years ago when we found out that incense often is created outside of safety regulations, because it is not consumable. This means that it is not required to disclose things like what the wood base is in your incense (often this is scrap wood, left over from industry which can include pressure treated woods), or how the scents are created (toxic fragrances passed off as ‘pure’ essential oils).

You’ll learn how to source ingredients, how to process and store your ingredients and how to make the cones.

Included is a 10-page pdf as well as a 12-minute video, both with a full explanation of the steps in making incense, how to source the ingredients and how to process the ingredients.