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Fall Equinox

As we step through the gate that is the fall equinox (sept 21) it seems here at the farm this year, more than most years, everything is finishing up or starting anew all at once. I imagine this [...]

Maple Sugaring

Last year, for the first time in thirty years or so, I set up a new sugaring pan in a new forest. What I found most interesting about the process was really questioning each aspect of the set up [...]

Sophie and the Wolves

Every year, at this time of year I feel we are aligned with the beginning and the end of time. For the Algonquin people in this area, the February moon is known as the Wolf moon. Everything is [...]


We’re just coming up on February and it’s been a long cold winter already. Since I finished the shell on the timber frame I’ve been inside a lot staring at the computer screen. It’s good in one [...]