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|By Steven Martyn| I suppose I should be writing about Imbolc, but it scares me to be writing about the
|By Steven Martyn| This time of year when winter's first bite sinks in, many of us change our diet dramatically.
|By Steven Martyn| As another amazing growing season comes to a close, I am struck yet again by the realization
|By Steven Martyn| We’ve just finished the cob floor in the roundhouse, and I rediscovered my love of this most
|By Steven Martyn| I’ve been wildcrafting herbs for thirty-five years, and I still learn (or re-learn) many things every year.
|By Steven Martyn| Before I plant, I sit for a while to listen and talk to Her, the seeds and
|By Steven Martyn| Spring is miraculously birthed from the Earth. From the smallest shoots can come gargantuan roots. Some of the parsnips
|By Steven Martyn| April is a most bounteous time. The snow has finally receded, and the ground is thawing. The
|By Steven Martyn| These days everything seems to take me a long time to manifest. Kids, making a living, maintaining
|By Steven Martyn| The night before last, I felt a little sick when I went to bed. That night I
She’s just starting to awaken outside. Where we live in the upper Ottawa Valley, the winter was late in coming
Labrador tea is the younger cousin of Sweetgale and Bearberry. She is very different in character as indicated by Her