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  marsh marigold thrives in a swale The Swale or The Art of Muck Raking I moved to the farm at Golden
The Sacred Gardener Tomatoes
In the last golden days of summer we are living in the garden of Eden. This summer was the hottest
The Sacred Gardener, preparing for making kimchi
| By Megan Spencer | The garden’s abundance these days is awe-inspiring, and incredibly gorgeous. It’s a tremendous joy to
The Sacred Gardener, Herbal Toner
| By Megan Spencer | I originally made Rosemary Gladstar's (I adore her, and making her recipes makes me feel
The Sacred Gardener Clover
|By Steven Martyn| Herbalism, like many traditional skills that were essential to our very survival and our well being for
The Sacred Gardener Bees
|By Steven| It's always good to have an ear open to the truth, no matter where it might come from.
Listen to an interview with Steven Martyn of The Sacred Gardener on Valley Heritage Radio, with Blake Corbin on his
|By Steven Martyn| When we use wild plants for food or medicine we are taking communion with a mystical order far
The Sacred Gardener Dandelion Coffee
There is a Goddess of the Sun at our feet, here to heal the land and everyone who lives near
The Sacred Gardener sunflower
| By Steven Martyn | It’s happened a few times that folks have thought that I am the Sacred Gardener.
The Sacred Gardener Cattail Raita
| By Megan Spencer | Cattails are often referred to as the "supermarket of the wilds." This plant is incredible!
|By Steven Martyn| About a week ago, we were making chicken soup. For us, soup is not a thing, but