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One of two videos from the introduction to Herbal Medicine Making workshop; in this video of the sharing circle Steven
  Learn more about The Sacred Gardener School
Ancestral Health Radio, May 19, 2017 - Episode 20 Questions asked include: "What exactly made you feel like you needed
Sam Sycamore of The Good Life Revival Podcast interviews Steven Martyn. Agriculture was once a highly sacred art - a
Steven Martyn, the Sacred Gardener from Ontario, Canada, returns to continue our conversation about reconnecting with the land, as well
Scott Mann speaks with Steven Martyn to learn about Steven's journey to write The Story of the Madawaska Forest Garden.
By Steven Martyn All my plant relations are jumping back up now. Every spring I’m brought to tears of gratefulness
  Everyday through the fall and into the snow filled month of December we had the great pleasure of being
Here at the Sacred Gardener Farm, things are winding down for the season. It’s not quite the end of October