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We’re just coming up on February and it’s been a long cold winter already. Since I finished the shell on
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New Year’s Meditation
By Steven  Martyn                                   
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Sacred Building: Mortise and Tenon
We’re in the midst of building a timber frame and she’s a lovely thing to watch come together. Mark, a
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Japanese Knotweed
By Steven Martyn It’s a curious thing that two of the primary healing plants for Lyme disease, Japanese Knotweed and
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On the Safety of Shamanic Herbalism
Offered throughout The Sacred Gardener School is a deeper understanding of our plant relationships, and their medicine. We focus on
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Steven’s Story
One of two videos from the introduction to Herbal Medicine Making workshop; in this video of the sharing circle Steven
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The Sacred Gardener School
  Learn more about The Sacred Gardener School
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How to Become a Sacred Gardener & Sow the Seeds of Co-Creative Agriculture with Steven Martyn
Ancestral Health Radio, May 19, 2017 – Episode 20 Questions asked include: “What exactly made you feel like you needed
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Sacred Land Use & the Intuitive Path
Sam Sycamore of The Good Life Revival Podcast interviews Steven Martyn. Agriculture was once a highly sacred art – a
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