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Steven Martyn on For The Wild podcast, with Ayana Young For The Wild: Thanks for tuning in to our archived
As we step through the gate that is the fall equinox (sept 21) it seems here at the farm this
  In this discussion, I ask Steven to expound on his journey of becoming a “sacred gardener,” which has included
In this episode, Dr Sharon Blackie speaks with Steven Martyn: an artist, farmer, wildcrafter, builder, teacher, writer, visionary.
Last year, for the first time in thirty years or so, I set up a new sugaring pan in a
I was working with that grand old master Mullein on this misty morning. It wasn’t hot and sunny enough to
Every year, at this time of year I feel we are aligned with the beginning and the end of time.
We’re just coming up on February and it’s been a long cold winter already. Since I finished the shell on
By Steven  Martyn One of the gifts that spending time with people in their last days can bring to us
We’re in the midst of building a timber frame and she’s a lovely thing to watch come together. Mark, a
By Steven Martyn It’s a curious thing that two of the primary healing plants for Lyme disease, Japanese Knotweed and
Offered throughout The Sacred Gardener School is a deeper understanding of our plant relationships, and their medicine. We focus on