Anna’s Story

annapicIt was in 2011 that I first met Megan and Steven, when I came to their workshop ‘Intuitive Healing with Plants’. Turning onto Trail Blazers Road, I felt a new sense of arrival – arriving home to a far deeper and older home than I have ever known, yet one so familiar and close. The weekend workshop opened me up, lighting up my senses and feelings to the grasses and winds all around, to an intelligence I had only imagined, but not experienced. When Steven would speak, I could feel my body begin to tremble, shaking to the quick of such humble and mystical truth and kindness and real roughness being shared. And Megan would make the most delicious nutritious food, a sharing of transformative wisdom! In both Megan and Steven, and their kids, I felt sparked and alive, a new friendship, and so inspired in a way I had not known before.

It was after meeting them that I felt courageous enough in my own way to continue traveling and searching as to what it means to live closer with the Earth. I got the ol’ call to head west, into the sunset, and found myself on Salt Spring Island, BC, working as an apprentice on an organic farm. This first season of learning to grow food and live rurally, as I was reared a real city gal in the heart of Toronto, did I experience my vulnerability. I remember when I first arrived, crying amongst the giant ferns and mosses, a little terrified, and so relieved.

GetInlineI was lucky enough to return to The Sacred Gardener for a second time. I came to learn about Indigenous Skills and Wild Edibles. While my hands were put to work creating tools and baskets and a shelter, my mind and heart were lit up to the creativity and aliveness of the materials, and how I interacted with them. I learned so much about myself, and the intimacy of the group experience felt dynamic and supportive. Thanks to this experience, I was able to recall and nourish my love of making things, things that are alive and part of making a culture as well.

Over the past few years, my journey has continued and I have found myself learning more intimately about heritage seed saving, working with a veteran seed saver in the Okanagan Valley of BC, and feeling connected to the community of people who honour and continue this age-old tradition.

Today I write as I am soon to travel to Israel-Palestine to support an old friend give birth to her first child. My travels are being guided by a desire to learn about the plants and the medicines there.

I am still searching, and The Sacred Gardener continues to be my beacon.