stevenpicSteven Martyn, M.A. (traditional plant use), B.F.A. honours. Artist, farmer, wildcrafter, builder, teacher, writer, visionary.

Steven has more than thirty years experience living co-creatively with the Earth practicing traditional living skills of growing food, building and healing. Steven created “Livingstone & Greenbloom” (Toronto’s first “green” landscaping company 1989); and the Algonquin Tea’s (North America’s first bioregional tea company 1996).

He has given talks and run workshops internationally for more then twenty years and has taught at Algonquin college since 2000.



Megan Spencer

Megan has been living and loving in the wilds of the ottawa valley for 10 years. Always drawn to wild spaces her whole life, she finds peace, beauty and inspiration in the deep teachings of her daily life.

Megan has a degree in Fine Arts from Fanshawe College, and loves making anything with natural materials. She is passionate about sharing how to preserve food through fermentation, and integrating herbs and wild plants in our daily lives.