$ 395
10:00 to 05:00
From 27-07-17 to 30-07-17

July 27–30
The Sacred Gardener Farm and The Madawaska Forest Garden

In this three day intensive workshop Participants will experience first hand the remote Indigenous forest garden on the Madawaska River. This garden is based on the Native gardening practice of using successional polyculture. The Madawaska Forest garden is almost twenty years old, and very few people have ever seen it. The other central parts of the workshop take place on more familiar terrain;  the farms old fields.

Over the years Steven and helpers have turned a few of these acres of exhausted farmland into rich, diverse ecologies. Different terrains on the farm have lent themselves to different methods of integrated gardening such as no-till, lasagna, permaculture, and polyculture orchards. These gardens on the Madawaska and at Golden Lake demonstrate different aspects of co-creative gardening that physically and spiritually honour our ancient contract with the Wild.

This course promises to be a journey of experiential learning, vastly different from any other agriculture course including permaculture courses. The Sacred Gardener courses take you out of the theory and into experience, which integrates and grounds the abstraction of intellectual concepts underlying the work.

The course’s guide is Steven Martyn, who lives with his family, working as a teacher and farmer at the Sacred Gardener farm in Golden Lake. Steven has gardened personally and professionally, in many different challenging environments for over thirty years. His approach to gardening is unique, in part because he learned how to forage before he learned how to garden. This, and time he spent with the Lacodon Maya, shaped his vision and approach to wild gardening or “wildculturing”, in which the natural elements of the land and Her gifts are received and honoured with deep appreciation.