The Herbalist’s Medicine Bag
$ 285
10:00 to 05:00
From 18-08-17 to 20-08-17

August 18–20, 2017
Instructor: Steven Martyn
At The Sacred Gardener Farm, Golden Lake, Ontario

In this second workshop in the Herbalist series, we will work with the plant Healers we met in the first workshop, learning more about them, though practicing traditional methods for drying and making decoctions, infusions, concoctions, tinctures, salves, creams, vinegars, wines, syrups and elixirs.

  Our days will be spent between spending a good amount of time outside looking at and foraging for wild plants and processing the herbs we’ve collected.

Each plant has its own spiritual medicine and temperament. Each part of the plant requires its own special treatment. When we are working with a plant’s flower, its essence can be easily distilled, but can also be easily lost. So, a gentle approach is needed. Seeds and roots are generally dense and need a more intense approach to draw out the medicine.

Over time, as herbalists, we develop a tool kit, so that just like the old-time doctor or medicine man, we can have our medicine bag at the ready, for when it is needed. This session will bring you a long way toward getting a year-round medicine kit ready.