The Herbal Healers
$ 285
10:00 to 05:00
From 23-06-17 to 25-06-17

June 23–25, 2017
Instructor: Steven Martyn

This course is aimed at re-introducing you to your lost relations, the Herbal Healers! Whether you’re a trained herbalist or a beginner, you may have never met these herbal Kings and Queens in their own realm; never seen and experienced them in their summer glory. This workshop focuses on a traditional folk practice of shamanistic healing with plants.

When we experience the plants in this way, we come to see that their physical attributes embody deeper characteristics, which are keys to the plant’s spirit. The mysterious ‘Doctrine of Signatures’ becomes crystal clear, moving from the realm of superstition, to a mythical science of associative forms and aesthetic.

After a day of learning from the plants what their ‘medicine’ is, the second day of the workshop will involve an exercise in Intuitive Healing, with the wild plants around the farm. Later, in a sacred circle, we’ll voluntarily share our intuitions. With the support of Steven’s intimate knowledge of the herbs, the insights from our journeys with the plants begin to come together. Often with startling accuracy.

The group sharing, of insights and knowledge, specific to each person and plant, enables everybody to learn and have access to a much greater range of plant medicine, and a more direct understanding of the deeper magic that the herbal healers hold.

Participants will leave with some herb seeds or plant start.

We’ll start at 4 pm on Friday June 23, meeting for dinner and first circle. We’ll end on Sunday at 2 pm. At the Sacred Gardener Farm, in Golden Lake, Ontario.